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Disparities in diversity negatively impact innovation

A huge disparity still exists in the number of underrepresented individuals within the scientific workforce despite ongoing efforts to increase diversity in science. Knowing that diversity is a driving force for innovation, APS has sought to increase diversity among physiologists for 50 years.

As physiologists contribute to fundamental breakthroughs in medicine by studying how the body works in health and disease, it is imperative that we foster diversity within the profession to ensure that the most innovative solutions are pursued to address the health challenges we face as a nation and world.

Graduate research fellowships overcome these disparities

Our signature diversity program, the Porter Physiology Development Fellowship, has provided graduate research fellowships to nearly 150 underrepresented minorities since 1967.

"…being a Porter Fellow is extremely advantageous because we leave connected to resources and people in the field, with a stronger focus on our goals and better prepared for pursuing our careers."

"The most significant contribution the Porter Fellowship has provided me (aside from financial support) is the opportunity to interact with people from similar backgrounds; and it has highlighted some of those who work to support efforts of inclusion and diversity."

Although APS has had long-term support for these fellowships through the William Townsend Porter Foundation, over the past several years, the amount of support has diminished while stipend levels have increased dramatically, thus decreasing the number of fellows we can support.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Porter Fellowship, we seek to grow the program and ensure that the next generation of physiologists are diverse and inclusive and produce the most innovative discoveries and treatments that best address society's health challenges.

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