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Why Physiology?

It's the science of life and medicine. Through the study of how the body works in health and disease, physiologists contribute to fundamental breakthroughs in science and medicine. Swedish chemist and inventor Alfred Nobel recognized this when he included "Physiology or Medicine" among the annual prizes he endowed to recognize achievements that better humanity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve health by empowering discovery. Our ultimate goal is for all scientists and the public to highly value physiological research for its indispensable role in biological and biomedical research discoveries. We can achieve this goal only with your help.

How You Can Make a Difference

Your gifts to APS will support:

  • Career Development & Research Awards that help early career physiologists succeed in research and teaching careers;
  • Education & Diversity programs that promote excellence in teaching and learning physiology and that provide fellowships to encourage diversity in our profession;
  • International Affairs programs that increase interaction and collaboration of our members with physiologists around the world; and,
  • Science Policy & Public Outreach efforts that protect physiology research funding, ensure responsible use of animals in research, and strengthen public understanding of physiology.

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