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Sarah Lindsey finds meaning in her work on cardiovascular disease -- the number one cause of death in U.S. "In studying cardiovascular disease, I thought that something I might discover in the lab could eventually be used to develop a drug to save lives," she said.

Because of the support of members like you, Sarah received the APS Research Career Enhancement Award which she used to obtain training to use an ultrasound machine to measure blood vessel elasticity in live animals.

"As a junior faculty, bringing a new method to your lab is hard to do because of limitations in time and money. You are so busy writing grants. The award was critical in helping me commit the time to get training and bring the ultrasound technique to my lab," she explained.

The award has been critical to her research efforts and may one day help her identify new drug targets that reduce the chance of heart attack and stroke.

Each year, approximately 250 new PhDs in physiology enter the workforce, seeking to begin their research careers. The requirements of research are such that significant funds are needed early in a person's career in order for them to succeed. But, with the increasing difficulty of obtaining federal funding, many young physiologists are not getting the support they need to be successful.

Your generous gift will indeed make a huge difference not only in the careers of young physiologists but also in the lives of the thousands, if not millions, of people who will benefit from their research discoveries.

Together we can ensure the success of many young physiologists through awards, like our career enhancement and young investigator awards, which are supported by gifts from APS members like you. Again, your gift will truly make a difference in the careers and lives of so many.

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